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Giving children opportunities to write 


Writing for a real-life purpose can be a great way of practising writing. Writing cards, shopping lists, or letters and emails to relatives can all be motivating real-life reasons for writing. Children enjoy writing diaries and short stories based on books they have read or toys they enjoy playing with.  


Older children could produce their own version of a book they have enjoyed reading. Or they could produce a book in the style of one with a distinctive format, such as The Day the Crayons Quit of The Last Polar Bears. Another idea is for children to write the book of a film or TV programme. If children have watching something they're really enjoyed, they could try and tell the same story in writing. 


Scholastic have an interactive Story Starters tool, which is a fun way of engaging children in creative writing.

Make handwriting fun

Help your child practise writing and keep them motivated with these fun ideas and games from Isabel Thomas, from Oxford Owl.

If your child wanted to practise their handwriting, here is the cursive font that we use at Saint Mary's. 





Talk for Writing home-school units


These packs have been provided by Talk for Writing, developed by Pie Corbett. The packs provide a model text (also available as a streamed audio recording), which provides reading and writing opportunities for children to develop a wide range of skills. 

Please see the website link for more information and resources:

One picture every day to use as a stimulus for discussion, writing and art.


Images to inspire thinking, writing, reading comprehension