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Our recent efforts have been recognised in the Summer 2019 Mini Vinnies Newsletter.

We continue to 'See, Think, Do' to support and help those within our school community. 


We held a cake sale at Saint Mary's Parish centre after Mass. We raised £206!

Keeping warm!



The Mini Vinnies enjoy keeping children in our school warm during the winter.

They raised funds and purchased a supply of hats, scarves and gloves which they ‘rent out’ during lunchtimes on very cold days.

This was instigated by the children and has run successfully for some time.

What a lovely way to look after each other. Keep up the hard work Mini Vinnies!

Cake Sale & Food Bank

Our Mini-Vinnies in Year 5 collected food items for the local food bank at New Life Church last year.  This spring the Mini Vinnies in Years 4 and 6 decided to support the food bank again, but this time to have a cake sale after Mass at St Mary’s Catholic Chapel.  Funds raised would enable the children to buy food for the food bank. 


The children were delighted with the response of parishioners.  The cake sale raised £200.  They decided to spend £100 on food items and donate the other £100 directly to the food bank for them to buy items they know are needed.  Items bought included tins of soup, vegetables and fruit, breakfast cereals, fruit squash, pasta, rice, jam and custard.  The children took the food up to New Life Church for distribution to those in need.

Mini Vinnies Danceathon



In June 2015 the Mini Vinnies organised a full day of dancing. The danceathon was organised to raise money for CAFOD. Every class and class teacher took part and prizes were given to the best dancers.

The event was a huge success and raised more than £600.

We had great fun and saw some great talent!

Thank you to everyone who took part.

By Kathleen Thomas


Christmas Jumper Day



On Wednesday 18th December 2015, Mini Vinnies organised a fun filled day of Christmas cheer.

Everyone was asked to wear Christmas clothes and the Mini Vinnies would decide who was best dressed!

The winners were: Tiffany (Y6) Paige (Y5) Piers (Y4) Olivia (Y3) Jack (Y2) Haru (Y1) Freya (YR)

We celebrated the day with our Christmas lunch, cooked by Mr Banim, and had class Christmas parties.

Although this was not a fundraiser, the Mini Vinnies enjoyed organising it and seeing every child happily celebrating Christmas.


Bishop Mark’s Visitation


On Friday 10th October, we were blessed with a visit from Bishop Mark Davies (the Bishop of Shrewsbury).  Mrs Humphries (our Headteacher) welcomed Bishop Mark and then we had an assembly together. Year Six sang ‘Panis Angelicus’ which Bishop Mark said was his favourite hymn. He told us that it was written by Saint Thomas Aquinas more than 700 years ago. (by Kathleen)

We asked Bishop Mark lots of interesting questions. Someone said, “What’s your favourite animal?’ and he said he liked them all but especially liked horses. (by Henry)


A lot of hands went up to ask questions and they were all heard. Someone asked him if he had met Pope Francis. He has met him twice.  (by Rebecca and Sam)

A boy in Year Six asked if he thought the Anglican Church might ever re-unite with the Catholic Church. Bishop Mark hopes this will happen, if it is the will of God. (by Holly)

I asked him if he lived in a church, a house or a mansion and he replied that he had a small room in a church and a little house near the motorway but he had no mansion. (by Corey)


He was asked how he became a Bishop and he said that he had a phone call and that he had to go to London, straight away, where he was asked if he would be a bishop. (by Grace, Sebastian and Jack)

Bishop Mark was a great inspiration to us all and we were very, very lucky to have him in our school. (by Ellie and Zack)


We know that he supports all our work as Mini- Vinnies.