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Mini Vinnies

Our recent efforts have been recognised in the Summer 2019 Mini Vinnies Newsletter.

We continue to 'See, Think, Do' to support and help those within our school community. 


Cake Sale & Food Bank

Our Mini-Vinnies in Year 5 collected food items for the local food bank at New Life Church last year.  This spring the Mini Vinnies in Years 4 and 6 decided to support the food bank again, but this time to have a cake sale after Mass at St Mary’s Catholic Chapel.  Funds raised would enable the children to buy food for the food bank. 


The children were delighted with the response of parishioners.  The cake sale raised £200.  They decided to spend £100 on food items and donate the other £100 directly to the food bank for them to buy items they know are needed.  Items bought included tins of soup, vegetables and fruit, breakfast cereals, fruit squash, pasta, rice, jam and custard.  The children took the food up to New Life Church for distribution to those in need.