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Seesaw to share learning


‘Seesaw’ is an online learning tool which allows students to post learning to their teacher and other members of their class. This could include examples of home learning such as written pieces, baking, art work, uploading power point presentations, recordings of children reading aloud and many more. Teachers are able to comment on these and can also set a range of tasks.

Follow the link below to sign in with a valid email address, create a password and use your child’s unique text code to be assigned to the correct class. Once you have logged in, use the 'add' icon (a green circle) to upload your learning and wait for your teacher to respond. We look forward to celebrating your learning with you!

Activelearn for maths and reading


‘Activelearn’ is an online learning tool to help with maths and reading. Children have their own unique login. When you have logged in with your username, password and school code (rvhs) click on ‘my stuff’ on the top toolbar and you will be able to access ‘abacus’ which will show maths games and tasks below. Alternatively, click on the bug icon to see the reading texts and tasks set by your teacher. Your teacher will be able to see when you have completed any games, tasks or texts. Click on the link below to access the website.



‘MyMaths’ is an online learning tool to support maths learning. Use the school username and password, as well as your child’s unique login to access lessons of your child’s choice or tasks set by your teacher. MyMaths marks your work for you online so that you can see your progress instantly and your teacher can share your successes. Click on the link below to access the website.


Children at Saint Mary’s are able to confidently use using their own unique login. Visit the site below and login using the icon in the top right hand corner. Children will be able to complete a range of activities, set by their teacher, to recap their grammar, spelling and punctuation knowledge. The site automatically marks their tasks, giving a percentage of correct responses and also allows them to go back through their learning to address misconceptions. Their teacher will also be able to see children’s progress.

To help you to support your children with grammar terms, use the link below which has a range of examples and videos to support learning.