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Reception Nativity


Angel express

There is a great excitement in heaven when The Angel Express newspaper announces that Jesus, the Son of God, is about to be born. The angels decide to learn a song to welcome the very special baby into the world, but there's not much time and there's a lot of practising to do! Will the angel choir be ready in time? 

The children in our Reception class have been practising very hard to learn their lines and songs, coached by Miss Small with her team they performed their Christmas play to their delighted families on the last afternoon of school before the Christmas holidays.

One of the Narrators tells us that Mary, Joseph and their donkey asked lots of innkeepers for a room.

The angels are practising, but they are not very good, in fact the angel in charge says, “That’s terrible!”

Picture 1 The three Kings have arrived.
Picture 2 The news boy brings the Angel Express news
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6 Angel Gabriel tells the shepherds about the baby

The cast

The cast 1 The Narrators
The cast 2 Mary Joseph and their donkey
The cast 3 Some of the Innkeepers
The cast 4 Shepherds
The cast 5
The cast 6 The three kings who were following the star

KS1 Nativity

‘There’s something amazing going on…….’

For the last month, KS1 staff have been helping the children in Years 1 and 2 at Saint Mary’s to learn their lines and all the words of several songs for the Christmas play, which will be performed for their families later this week. 


‘There’s something amazing going on’ is a very traditional Christmas play, with Mary and Joseph travelling to Bethlehem to find no room for them at the Inn. Shepherds, angels and Kings visit them in the stable, where the Infant Jesus is born.


Head teacher Mrs Humphries said, “I am delighted with the work that has gone into this production.  The children have learnt all their lines and are speaking them with confidence.  This is to be expected following the news we received last month from the DfE, with regards to our phonics test results. In his letter, the Minister of State for School Reform told me that, “With at least 95% of pupils at Saint Mary’s Catholic Primary School reaching or exceeding the pass mark in the check, your school is in the top 5% of all primary schools in the country”. This was fantastic news and a real testament to the hard work of teachers, teaching assistants, parents, volunteer readers and the pupils themselves. In addition, I also received details from Mrs McGuire, KS1 Manager, of the first phonics checks taken by our current Year 1 pupils, which show they are also in line to achieve highly in their test in the summer term next year.  I thank everyone for their support and help to ensure our pupils are early and fluent readers.”

Picture 1 Mary and Joseph
Picture 2 The angels
Picture 3 The kings
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8