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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!

Year 4 are lucky to have two teachers: Miss Bloor (Monday & Tuesday) and Miss Owen (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday). Our classroom is a calm and happy place where we love learning! On this page you will find information about what the children will be learning in class. 


If you have any queries or concerns then please feel free to email us on 


Our class books for Writing this half-term are 'Where the forest meets the sea' and '100 facts: rainforests'. The children will be writing their own zoo information board for a rainforest exhibit using all their new knowledge they will learn from the fiction and non-fiction book. 




In Guided Reading we’re studying the book called Ariki and the Island of Wonders by Nicola Davies. Ariki is an apprentice Star Walker living on Turtle Island (having washed ashore as a toddler) with her Guardian, Arohaka and her mischievous pet pig, Bad Boy.




Termly overview: 



Multiplication and Division:


      Factor Pairs                    Multiplying by 10                    Part-whole model



Religious Education

Jesus, the Teacher – the children will learn about the Presentation in the Temple and how Jesus was born a Jew and then Baptised by his cousin, John the Baptist. The children will learn that Jesus called people to follow him and he travelled around teaching people the way to live.


Jesus, the Saviour – the children will learn that Jesus is truly God and, as man, truly human. They will know about Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem and reflect on the importance of Holy Week for us. The children will be encouraged to reflect on how we can show our love for Jesus, reflect on His suffering, and what it means for us when he died on the Cross. We will understand the importance for us of the resurrection of Jesus.


In Geography we are learning about the rivers and how they are used. 

  • We will look at how a river is a formed
  • We will name and locate different rivers in the world
  • We will find out how rivers are used and look at our local rivers



The children will identify how sounds are made and how sounds change and how they travel through medium.



The children will create simple series electrical circuits, identifying and naming its basic parts.




Science Week - making a pendulum to explore time

DT: Mechanical Systems: Making a slingshot car

Water Cycle models