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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!

Year 4 are lucky to have two teachers: Miss Bloor (Monday & Tuesday) and Miss Owen (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday). Our classroom is a calm and happy place where we love learning! On this page you will find information about what the children will be learning in class. 


   Miss Bloor        Miss Owen 


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Our class book for Writing this half-term is 'Greek Myths and Legends' and we have enjoyed focusing on the stories of Odysseus going on his voyages. The children have written excellent descriptions of Odysseus and created their own monsters for Odysseus to encounter next. 



We have learned to use subordinate conjunctions to extend our descriptions;

'Although the sailors were worried at the sight of an enormous, snoring cyclops, they trusted in their leader.'

'Odysseus and his men hoped for a second chance to escape if the bleating sheep didn't give them away.'


We have also used noun phrases to tell us more information.

'An enormous, snoring cyclops with an empty wine bottle by his side.'

'Several worried sheep bleated loudly.'




 In Guided Reading, we are looking at the book by P.G. Bell called The Train to   Impossible Places. Suzy Smith is very surprised when a huge magical train   takes a shortcut through her downstairs hallway one evening. Staffed by trolls,   the Impossible Postal Express delivers letters and parcels across a series of   magical worlds connected to our own: the Union of Impossible Places.



Termly overview: 



Multiplication and Division:


      Factor Pairs                    Multiplying by 10                    Part-whole model



Religious Education

In RE we are exploring our understanding of the Bible and having the opportunity to know

that the Bible is a story of God’s relationship with his people. We have particularly enjoyed learning about Abraham, Moses, David and Joseph! 


In History we have been linking our learning to English and learning about Ancient Greece. Our main focus has been on the how the Ancient Greeks have impacted modern Britain.  

  • We have looked at Gods and Goddesses and created fact files for them.
  • We have explored similarities and differences between Athens and Sparta.
  • We have looked at how Greece gave us democracy  and explored how we could have our own debate. 
  • We have learnt about the legacies left behind from Ancient Greece and philosophers and created our own legacy stamps. 


Our topic this half term is States of Matter: solids liquids and gases. The children will develop an understanding of how solids, liquids and gases change states through evaporation, condensation, melting, freezing and boiling. The children will explore the water cycle and understand how water moves around the Earth. 

Water Cycle models