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GIFT ‘Growing in Faith Together’ Team


Saint Mary's has a dedicated GIFT team who have a vital role to play in enhancing the Religious Life of our school. Our GIFT team are easily identified in school by their special ties. The GIFT team is led by Mrs Nolan & Mrs White. They meet weekly to plan liturgical events and ways to develop the faith life of our school.


Members of The GIFT team have a very important job to spread the Word of God throughout our school and the school community. It is their mission to interpret scripture so that children can better understand stories from the Bible and relate them to their own lives. The GIFT team help to lead prayer, prepare prayer areas, deliver collective worship and organise liturgical events.


Mary Our Mother

Our GIFT team have been leading prayers for Mary in the month of May. 


Our GIFT team display

The GIFT team teaching Nursery about the Good Samaritan



Week 1

The GIFT team have been preparing for Advent by spreading messages of hope throughout the school.





Week 2 

The GIFT team have looked at scripture that relates to the peace. They have been asking others to consider what makes them feel peaceful. 


Week 3

This week the GIFT team have been spreading messages of joy to staff at Saint Mary's. We have handed out cards with positive notes to staff across the school. We hope this has made others feel happy and joyful in our final week of school. 

Our school GIFT (Growing In Faith Together) team read Old Testament Bible stories to Reception and teach them the messages from the Bible.