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Relationship and Sex Education (RSE)



Relationship and Sex Education Curriculum


Relationship and Sex Education is part of the mission of Catholic schools to educate the whole person.  It should be carried out as part of the holistic education which seeks to form as well as inform young people in preparation for adult life.  (Catholic Education Service)


The statutory implementation for 'Relationships Education' has now been delayed till the summer term 2021; due to Covid 19.  When implemented, it will become a statutory subject for all primary schools.


At Saint Mary's, we now deliver our Relationship and Education Curriculum through Ten:Ten's programme in Relationship Education for Catholic primary schools, Life to the Full.  Ten:Ten Resources are used widely across many Catholic schools in England and The Catholic Education Service have approved Ten:Ten curriculum content and standard of resources to ensure schools undertake their statutory duty.


Ten:Ten have based the structure of Life to the Full on ‘A Model Catholic RSE Curriculum’ by the Catholic Education Service, which was highlighted as a work of good practice by the Department of Education. Therefore, Life to the Full has a good foundation for a programme that will be fit for purpose over the coming years.


Online Parent Portal


Parents are invited to review the programme's content by accessing the Online Parent Portal:


This resource is be available to view for parents/carers via an online parent portal:  


You will need the following login credentials for our school in order to explore these resources:

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FAQ Section

Saint Mary's completed a parent consultation regarding RSE in October 2020.  Following feedback from the consultation, we have created a FAQ section to provide information to reassure parents.


Can I withdraw my child from Relationship and Sex Education?

Relationship Education will be a statutory part of the school's curriculum and all pupils will be expected to take part and engage in the curriculum content delivered at Saint Mary's.

However, some elements of our curriculum is not statutory.  These elements are outlined in our RSE policy in the section: Key Decisions.  Parents will always be informed that these sessions are upcoming and parents who would prefer to teach these sessions themselves are able to withdraw their child from the session.  Please inform the school by contacting if you wish for your child to withdrawn for those particular sessions of the programme.

You can find out more information in the parent guide in the RSE Resource Bank above.


Can you provide information regarding the Founder of Ten:Ten?

A family-run organisation, Ten Ten is based in North London and works throughout the UK. Founded by siblings Clare and Martin O'Brien, Ten Ten works with approximately 30 freelance creative contributors every year to produce a wide variety of work, led by a small office team.  You can find out more information regarding Ten:Ten by visiting their website:


Furthermore, Ten Ten has entered into a partnership with the Catholic Education Service and the Department for Education to provide training for teachers in Catholic schools on the subject of the new statutory curriculum.


How does the Programme deal with sensitive issues around family and relationships?

The following notes should help you to understand and articulate the position that the programme takes on this subject:


  • Life to the Full is inclusive of all children, families and teaching staff;
  • From the very start, the programme acknowledges that families are made up differently (including single-parent families, blended families, step-parents, carers, etc) and it celebrates the family unit in whatever form it takes;
  • The school will build on this teaching, depending on the cohort, to ensure that every child is assured, and their family background is affirmed;
  • In Upper Key Stage Two, the presenters on film say that some children have ‘two mums and two dads’ as part of a list of different family set-ups – this is the only explicit reference to same-sex relationships in the programme;
  • The programme does not explicitly refer to transgenderism;
  • The programme emphasises very strongly the dignity of every person as being created and loved by God - it examines difference and bullying;
  • The only reference to sexual intimacy is in the optional UKS2 session ‘Making Babies: Part 2’, as discussed in the section of this document, ‘Key Decisions’. In this session, sexual intimacy is discussed within the context of a heterosexual marriage, and the Catholic-Christian point of view is clearly stated.

The teaching is in line with the statutory guidance from the Department of Education.