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Year 1

­English: Our main focuses will be:

  • Weather reports – speaking and listening
  • Fiction stories with emphasis on setting/seasons and the structure of a story (The Last Polar bears)
  • Poetry
  • Using various types of punctuation, in particular correctly using full stops and capital letters.
  • Using the conjunctions ‘and’ and ‘but’.

Things to remember:

P.E is timetabled on Wednesday and Friday. All P.E kits should be in school at all times, as these sessions can change!


Homework will go out on a Friday and be expected back in school on a Tuesday. Children will be given Maths and Phonics homework each week.


Our main focuses will be:

  • Developing basic movements such as balance, agility and co-ordination through gymnastics
  • Performing dances using simple movement patterns



Our main focuses will be:

  • Place value
  • Mental addition and subtraction
  • 3D shapes
  • Recognising units of time
  • Solving word problems


Year 1 – Spring Term

Weather & Explorers




Our main focuses will be: ‘We are Collectors’

  • Basic mouse skills
  • Using the internet safely
  • Understanding how we can copy images
  • Understanding how we should only copy things that we have got permission to copy
  • How to paste images
  • Making a video


Our main focuses will be:

  • Identifying the four seasons and when they occur throughout the year
  • Observing weather associated with the changes of season
  • The children will be collecting information about weather changes


The Way the Truth and the Life

Our main focuses will be:

Families and Celebrations

  • Jesus visits the temple
  • The church

Following Jesus

  • Jesus and his disciples
  • Easter


Our main focuses will be:

  • Understanding what an explorer does
  • Identifying important explorers
  • Understanding why explorers have helped to shape our world and what we have learnt from them

Please encourage your child to read aloud daily and sign the reading diary, stating the page they are up to.

Please continue to practise counting on and back in ones from random numbers up to 100. In addition, please practise recalling number bonds to 10 as the quicker and more secure this skill becomes, the easier other concepts will be in the future. The more practice the children get, the better they will be at recalling these facts which are so important.

Art/Design and Technology:

Our main focuses will be:

  • Using a range of materials
  • Designing and creating a weather vain

British Values:

  • Similarities and differences in cultures and areas of the UK (mutual respect)
  • Families (tolerance)
  • Zippy’s friends