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Time 2 Change Challenge 2015-16


Autumn term means the Time 2 Change Challenge at Saint Mary’s.  Pupils in Year 5 took up the challenge, which was to make products using recycled materials.  


The children were split into five teams; each team was given £5 to start up.  Over a period of three months they had to work in their teams to design their gifts, work out what materials they would use, source the materials, make the gifts, promote the sale, design a team logo; then sell as many as possible.  


The recycled materials used included for example, pine cones to make Christmas decorations, card to make Christmas cards and gift tags, fabric to make cushions and lavender bags, beads to make bracelets and kitchen rolls to make pencil pots.


They decided to sell their Christmas themed gifts at St Mary’s Parish Christmas Fair on 28 November 2015.  They were so good at resourcing their recycled materials that no team used the £5 loan, so all money raised could be donated to five charities chosen by the children:

Christie Cancer Research - £31.90, Dementia UK - £26.35, Christian Aid - £24.55; East Cheshire Hospice - £39.55; Cancer Research UK £30. The grand total raised from the sale of the gifts was £151.35


Comments from the children included, ‘I loved selling our Christmas gifts; we sold out; the atmosphere in the class during the fair was so happy; we worked well as a team’.


The Time 2 Change Challenge is organised by All Hallows Catholic College (AHCC).

In January, each team was interviewed by business students from the sixth form at AHCC.  They had to explain how they had worked as a team designing, making and selling their products and logo and how they had advertised.


After much deliberation, team Christmas Crackers was chosen to represent the school in the finals in March, with the folder from team Supersellers also going through to the finals. 

At the Time 2 Change Celebration finals, the new challenge was to design and build an Eco-friendly robot to help Fairtrade farmers in one of six countries.    In addition  the children had to create a catchphrase. Saint Mary’s was given Kenya and their catchphrase was, ‘Helping farmers is my priority’. Their robot was made form cardboard, glass jars, tin foil, plastic lids and was designed to hold tools and pick fruits e.g. plums, pears an pineapples which grow in the hot climate.

Saint Mary’s was delighted to be awarded the trophy for best folder, a first for the school.  Trophies and certificates were presented by Hannah Bristow, a Year 13 student at AHCC, who is a double World champion sailor.


Mr Callum Billings, Year 5 class teacher said, “The children have learnt so much whilst working on this project.  The charities were all delighted by their donations.  Unexpectedly, the donation to Christian Aid will be doubled by the UK Government, with the money helping people in the poorest countries of the world.”


Patti Pinto, a school governor said, “This was a great recycling project sustained in class over a whole term. The children came up with a great range of ideas. They worked really well in teams and were excited to represent their school at the AHCC Celebration in March during Fairtrade fortnight.   As an eco-school, this project was an excellent example of how enterprise and sustainability can be integrated into the curriculum.”


Christmas Crackers selling their pencil pots at the Christmas fair

Christmas Crackers selling their pencil pots at the Christmas fair 1
Christmas Crackers selling their pencil pots at the Christmas fair 2

Year 5 – Time 2 Change 2014-15 Challenge


Pupils in Year 5 took up the challenge to start up a business with £5 and make gifts using recycled materials.

They had to work in teams to design their gifts, work out what materials they would use, source the materials, make the gifts, promote the sale, then sell as many as possible.  

This year the children were split into six teams. They decided to sell their gifts at St Marys Parish Christmas Fair on 29 November and also at break times just before Christmas. 

After much discussion they decided to donate all monies raised to Ruby’s Fund, a local charity helping disabled children in Congleton. 

The grand total raised from the sale of the gifts was £260. 
The cheque was recently presented to Ruby’s Fund.



The Time 4 Change Challenge was organised by All Hallows Catholic College. 

In December, each team had to present their ideas to business students from AHCC. 

After much deliberation team HJJS were chosen to represent the schools in the finals in March.


The Superstars file was chosen for the File finals.


The Time 2 Change Celebration at AHCC

The finalists represented seven AHCC feeder primary schools.  Each team had to design a Fairtrade superhero from a specified country, using recycled materials available on the day.  The teams then had to make the superhero, and provide a name and superpowers.  


Picture 1
Picture 2

JROs at CE training Oct 2014


Rebecca and Daniel met Phil the Bin and the compost experts 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3 We played recycling games
Picture 4 and found lots of great books on recycling

At school:

  • We raised £40 from the sale of 2nd hand school uniform
  • Another 2 big bags of old shoes were sent to United Shoes (£10 raised)
  • 168 batteries collected
  •  (100 pairs) specs were collected this term  for VisionAid 
Picture 1 50kg of apples sent to make Congleton Apple juice
Picture 2 reused old tyres as containers for our plants
Picture 3 Leaf art at Garden club
Picture 4 reused old canes to make lines for sowing seeds