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In order to find out the students’ opinions on the PE at Saint Mary’s we asked 100 students from KS2 to complete a short questionnaire. The results are as follows.



Over 82% felt that they received 2 hours of PE a week with 18% stating that they received 0 or 1 hour of PE a week. When asked why they had not had 2 hours of PE many said that they were taken out for reading, interventions or music lessons during their allotted PE sessions. Due to this adjustments have been made to timetabling in 2015/2016 to ensure children do not miss out on PE lessons.



98% of the students who completed the questionnaire revealed that they enjoyed their PE lessons at least some of the time with 72% saying they enjoyed it all of the time.



71% of students felt that they had improved in all of the sports they had looked at last year. 26% said that they had improved in some of the sports they had tried and 3% said they had not improved in any.



18% of students said that they did not take part in an after school sports club. 23% said they took part in 1 and 10% said they took part in 5 or more.

They most popular clubs were football and gymnastics.



The most popular sports that were looked at last year were swimming, football, rounders, athletics, tennis and gymnastics.

The least popular sports were netball, team building, dance and cricket.

When asked if there were any other sports they would like try they came up with a wide variety such as cross country, rock climbing, volleyball, badminton and Ultimate Frisbee.



The quality of the kit last year was brilliant with 50% of students claiming they had perfect kit throughout the whole year. 5% of students, however, stated that they had 4 or more kit marks last year.