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African mask making and drumming workshop


Year 2 topic:  Compare Africa with the UK.

One of Year 2’s cross curricular topics for this term is a comparison of Africa with the UK.  The children will be looking at the differences in climate, homes, animals, food and farming with their class teacher, Mrs Evans.  


To start off the topic, Miss Gaskell from The Education Group ran a half day workshop. 

The children were able to learn about African art by creating a unique geometric design on an African mask. These masks are thought to portray the faces of African spirits.  


Mask-making was followed by a drumming session.  The children learnt to play simple rhythms using traditional African drums known as djembe, which are made from hardwood and goat skin.  Parents were delighted to see just what their children had learnt when they came in for a short performance by their children at the end of the workshop.

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Fairtrade Fortnight Activities at Saint Mary’s



Week 1, Monday 29 February: the start of Fairtrade fortnight was celebrated during assembly, led by three pupils from Year 5.  Katie, Emma and Jack told the whole school about farmers at the start of the Food Supply Chain and how they often get the least money.  However, if they are part of a Fairtrade co-operative, they will receive a fair wage and guaranteed price for their produce and their village will get a fairtrade premium to spend on schools and clinics.  The children watched a short video about farmers growing fair-trade sugar cane.


The next Fairtrade event at the school was linked with the Fairtrade big Breakfast theme.  Fairtrade tea and coffee were on sale, with home-made cakes made with Fairtrade ingredients, together with a Traidcraft stall featuring Fairtrade goods.  Friends and families joined us for a cuppa.  You maybe surprised to learn that there are over 4500 Fairtrade products available and over 1100 Fairtrade Towns in the UK, Congleton is one of them. 


The highlight of week 2, despite the walk through the snow, was the trip made by Reception class to M&S.  They were accompanied by teaching assistant Mrs  Nolan, and school governors Mrs  Franklin and Mrs  Pinto. Their task was to hunt for the FT logo on as many items as possible.  They were delighted to find over 50 Fairtrade items including tea, coffee, wine, cocoa, chocolate, sugar, jams, preserves and of course bananas.


Mrs  Pinto, school link governor for eco said, “As an eco-school we support Fairtrade as part of our global citizenship topic.  Our thanks go to everyone who has supported our Fairtrade activities this year.  ”.

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