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Foundation Subjects

Sunday 21st June is World Music Day, so this week we are having a focus on MUSIC!

MUSIC: African Drumming - Learn the history and basics of African drumming

You can’t have African dance without music. The two are inseparable; the dancers are drumming and the drummers are dancing. Learn about two drums—the cajon (cah-HONE) and djembe (JIM-bay) —and how to play a rhythm called Funga (FUN-gah). 

MUSIC: Kids' Classical Countdown - A top ten list of classical masterpieces

Here’s a different kind of musical hit list— the top 10 works in Western classical music for children and their parents. There's a photo and information about the composer, a clip for you to listen to the music and an interesting 'where you might of heard it' section for each piece. Why don't you email your teacher and let us know your favourites?

MUSIC: Instrument Spotter's Guide - Meet the families of the orchestra.

There are four families of instruments; brass, percussion, strings and woodwind. Each 'family' has many instruments. Here, you can see photos of the instruments, hear clips of them playing and read information about each one.

ALL SUBJECTS: Celebrity Supply Teacher on iplayer CBBC 

These 10 minute programmes are presented by celebrities and cover a wide range of subjects. Watch them here ... 

Geri Horner - English 

1/12 Pop legend and children’s author Geri Horner gives tips on creative writing. (available now)


Martin Bashir - History

2/12 Top journalist Martin Bashir reveals why Martin Luther King Jnr is his hero from history. (available now)


Marcus Rashford - PE

3/12 Manchester United superstar Marcus Rashford delivers a stretch and warm-up routine. (available now)


Jeff Hordley and Zoe Henry - Gardening

4/12 Emmerdale stars Jeff Hordley and Zoe Henry teach us how to grow and make a healthy lunch. (available now)


Heston Blumenthal - Food Science

5/12 Heston Blumenthal presents a cookery class to remember as he discusses taste and flavour. (12.06.20)


Gary Lineker - Spanish

6/12 Gary Lineker presents a superstar Spanish class. (15.06.20)


These are available at the moment but there are more being aired on TV soon which will also be available on iplayer. Watch them on CBBC at 9:25am week beginning 15th June and at 9:20am week beginning 22nd June.