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Eco projects





Sept-Dec - weekly energy monitoring; Switch off fortnight JEMs, work during the fortnight, photos 

Nov - JEMs attended Siemens factory for a tour & discussion on how the company has saved energy

Nov - JEMs at training session




14 Mar - JEMs at training session

17 Mar - following renewal of DEC we applied for eco-schools energy award

04 May - energy award received from eco-schools for saving more than 10% energy during 2010-2011

June-Oct - new extension built, incorporating energy efficient measures (motion sensor lighting, double glazing, thermostatic radiator valves)


Oct–Nov - JEMs to collect energy data


Nov - new extension opened, new gas boilers working; thermostatic radiator valves on new radiators; motion sensor lighting


19 Nov – 2 Dec -‘switch off fortnight’ led by JEMs



FebDEC showed reduction in energy used (5%), rating moved from D band to C band.